#WHYWELOVEIT  Big Ben Coffee Co.

Big Ben Coffee Co.


That’s the motto of Big Ben Coffee Co., and you feel it when you walk in the door.

Whether you are a coffee lover or not, you find yourself drawn in by the aromas, atmosphere and overall welcoming vibe. Recently on a tour of homes with The Hardie Group, we visited locally owned Big Ben Coffee Co. at their new location on the northeast corner of Phillips and Jefferson streets. As Realtors, we are on the go. A lot. In other words, this was just what we needed: a moment to pause, plan out the day & perk up with a cup.


Keeping it local with Why We Love It

Because we like to know what’s going on and where to go in our towns, communities and neighborhoods, we really love to visit all things locally owned. As we snacked on scones and sipped our brews, we thought let’s start highlighting local hot spots and sharing them with you. So, here is our first…




  • COZY ATMOSPHERE. Sit back, relax and reflect next to a warm fireplace, which there are a few from which to choose. With different seating areas throughout the cafe, whether on your own or with company, you feel a warm welcome. It kinda feels like home, and we LOVE that feeling.


Big Ben Coffee Co

  • WEST SIDE REPRESENT. For Realtor, Brandi Rees, this location is close to home for her. And who doesn’t love a neighborhood coffee shop? Drive up and use the drive through. Walk-in. Or if you don’t mind a little grind for fresh percolation, pedal over on the new trail. Thanks to revitalization efforts by Big Ben Coffee Co. owners, Curtis and Deb Copeland together with the City of Kokomo, this once run-down car wash location is now even more than a cafe: it’s a community asset!



  • TASTY PASTRY, QUALITY COFFEE & TEA TREATS. Consisting of made to order espresso drinks, frozen frappes, real fruit smoothies, teas, fresh baked goods (Try the cinnamon rolls) and a limited sandwich menu…Your palate will thank you!


Meeting Room

  • KID FRIENDLY & COMMUNITY MINDED. Not just for adults. There’s even toddler sized mini mugs! Okay, so those are probably espresso mugs, however…your kids will love the space and all the options too! Also, need a place for a get together? There are two meeting rooms available. But the idea of community neither starts nor stops there…


Pay It Forward

  • PAY IT FORWARD. Above all, what we really LOVE about Big Ben Coffee Co. is their ‘Pay It Forward Board’. On a simple cork board inside this cafe are numerous acts of kindness. While at Big Ben Coffee Co., you can pay ahead for someone. For instance, it could be a friend, family member, law enforcement officer, your favorite pastor or teacher, etc. The next time they come in, they pull their receipt from the board and receive the item/s at no charge to them!


Pay It Forward with Brandi at Big Ben Coffee Co.


Visit Big Ben Coffee Co. in person, and on Facebook!

How will you Pay It Forward?

Holly Stone & Brandi Rees

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