Why Buy with Kokomo’s Home Team

As residents of Howard County, The Home Team’s Holly Stone and Brandi Rees offer buyers a decided advantage when considering an area property.  Buyers working with our team can expect the highest level of communication and availability provided by recognized real estate experts.


As a buyer with Kokomo’s Home Team you can expect…


We are here to serve your home-buying needs and are available when you need us.

Expert Negotiation

We know how to negotiate the best possible price and terms for your new home.

Lifestyle Consultation

We are area experts and excellent listeners, making sure your new home fits your lifestyle.


In the spirit of the National Association of Realtors, we value the relationships we have with other agents. We work hard to remain compliant in all that we do and to protect the professional connections we have established. 

Guidance NOT Pressure

We’re not interested in selling you a house, we’re interested in helping you find the home of your dreams.

Attention to detail

Our team of real estate professionals carefully manage every single step of your home purchase. We make sure nothing gets missed.

Proactive Communication

We stay ahead of the ball and make sure your questions never go unanswered.

Consistent Dependability

We follow through in a timely manner. We are visible and available.

User-Friendly Education

We are your expert source for all things real estate  and we provide the education and answers you need to make a complicated process a smooth one.

A Long-Term Relationship

We are committed to serving you over the long-term and handle day-to-day details with the utmost honesty and professionalism.

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