DIY isn’t always the way…

In this DIY-age it’s easy to want to do everything by yourself. Saving money is great. DIY is great. There are so many things today that we can do on our own after a simple Google search or a Youtube video or two. When looking at it from the outside, the For Sale By Owner option, or FSBO, may seem great too. With a standard Realtor commission, wouldn’t it make sense to save yourself that money? Think again.

After-all it’s one thing to save a little cash trying to build that DIY vertical garden wall you saw on Pinterest. If it works out, you saved some money; and you will grow all the vine tomatoes for every taco Tuesday all summer long! It’s another thing to try and sell your own house. While sometimes taking a DIY route saves you a few dollars, that isn’t always the case when selling your home. Your home: only probably one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. Here are a few reasons to consider forgoing FSBO and hiring a Realtor.

1. Keeping emotions out can be difficult

Your home typically means something to you. It is where you’ve created memories. Because of that, it can be difficult to remove your emotions from a sale. Agents are there to be a mediator for rejections or negative feedback. It can be emotionally tolling to have your home rejected or criticized multiple times. Having an agent there to negotiate terms, repairs, and everything in between will offer peace of mind instead of stress and heartbreak.

2. Selling a home can be a full-time job

Even if you don’t already have another job, selling your home can consume all of your time. Are you available to meet for a viewing or answer potential buyer calls at any time during the work day? (We are.) Do you have the experience to market your home and ensure it is being seen by potential buyers? (We do.) Even if you have some free time, selling a home can be a daunting task. It is the job of an agent to do all of this for you, so that you can sell your home without taking on the workload of another full-time job!

3. You could be sued

There is a reason agents need and have specialized training and licensing. Legal paperwork is a core part of home selling and buying, and unless you are a lawyer, there is chance you may miss something in your paperwork. If you forget to disclose something you are aware of, even accidentally, you could be held liable for fraud. Why risk it when you can hire a knowledgeable agent instead?

4. You aren’t actually saving money

When you have minimal knowledge on how to negotiate the price of your home or how to market properly, the fact of the matter is that you are probably going to have to sell your home for much less than you planned. That loss is usually much more than the price of an agent’s commission. Let a Realtor save you time and money.

Buying or selling a home is probably the largest transaction you’ll encounter during your life. You can try to do it alone, but why not hire someone who wants to help you? Even if you are thinking FSBO: call us. We can share what we offer as your Real Estate team. Let’s talk soon!

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