Valley of Grace
November Non-Profit Highlight

In 2015, we established Kokomo’s Home Team with the goal of becoming your community Real Estate resource. We work really hard, because we care about our clients and where you live. We believe that strong business builds strong communities and that together we can all make a bigger difference.

We don’t just work here though. We live here. We raise our families here. We are building our futures here, and we want to invest in our communities by highlighting and helping the organizations that support them.

That is why we are excited to announce our new community initiative! Each month we will dive in with a local organization to learn, help and then share with you. We will also make a donation each month to support their efforts. There are a lot of really great local resources trying to meet so many needs, and we want to help with that.

Our first organization is very near and dear to our hearts. It is the Valley of Grace, a faith-based recovery center.

Valley of Grace

Valley of Grace

Recover. Regenerate. Restore. These are powerful words, and they are what the Valley of Grace is all about. We believe that no one is beyond restoration. You just need the right people and a caring community in place. Because when we are down and in the valley, we all need grace.

Life can be messy

Real talk. We don’t always show the chaos that we all encounter daily both personally and professionally. In our jobs we present (or at least try to present) the best version of ourselves. Our personal social media posts show the dressy, happy sides of our lives. It’s not just us though, and it’s not just because we are Realtors.

Maybe you tidy the entryway, but leave the family room in disarray. Maybe your desktops are bare, but your desk drawers are disorganized. Or maybe the laundry room is clean, but you’ve washed the same load of laundry three times only merely avoiding the mildew…hypothetically, of course.

If we are being honest, and we are honest, we would admit that we all “dress up” in ways to hide varying types and degrees of messiness.

Maybe you or someone you know is struggling with “dressing up” an addiction. Our city, our towns, our neighborhoods, our people…are struggling right here. It is reported that it costs Howard County OVER $10 million a year to combat just local opioid addiction. This affects everyone. But this isn’t just about the financial savings. This is about: The saving of resources. The saving of neighborhoods. The saving of families. THE SAVING OF LIVES.

Dressy but Messy…

We knew prettyDressy but Messy fast that we wanted our first non-profit highlight to be about the Valley of Grace, so we sat down with its co-founders, Joey and Darcy Bennett. We will share more about that later, so stay tuned. But for now, we want tell you about an epic event coming up to benefit the Valley of Grace! It’s time for Dressy But Messy!

It’s a Beef Steak Banquet unlike almost all others! Dressy But Messy suggests that addiction is often hidden or “dressed up”, but addiction is messy. Therefore Dressy but Messy is a semi-formal event, but no worries, because the Valley of Grace provides aprons and all the food. You get to show up, chow down, and just enjoy food, fellowship and fun!

Dressy but Messy will take place Friday, November 8th, 2019 at 6:30 PM and be located at Celebrations Banquet Hall. Tickets now on sale!. You don’t want to miss out on this unique dining experience!


Is there a non-profit that is close to your heart? Contact us!

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