Thanksgiving Dinner
as told in Hilarious Friends gifs

“The One With All the Thanksgivings”

You would do anything for a coffee.

Because you realize Thanksgiving is this week.

And you need to prep,but it’s hard being the hostess with mostest.

You just want a LITTLE help.

Now, what to wear?

You made an awesome side dish you found on Pinterest!

OK, Pinterest #fail.Oh well, there is still SO MUCH FOOD.

It’s FINE. You tell yourself you’ll run tomorrow.

So bring on the desserts!

Probably need something to wash it down…

Turkey, wine and feeling fine.

Time for some football!

Fantasy football trash talk is getting a little out of hand…

And you’ll do anything to bring a smile. Even this.

But then you crash on tryptophan,and everyone wants a nap.

You wake up super thankful and lean-in for the group hug goodbye.

Because Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, I’ll be there for you.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving from Kokomo’s Home Team!
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