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From the Valley

Our belief is that nothing is beyond restoration, and we carry that with us as Realtors. For example, we especially have a love of old houses. Real Estate Agent, Brandi Rees has an aptitude in working with buyers and sellers needing experience in architecture, preservation and merging new trends with historic features. When a house is restored, so is its story.



Working alongside history buffs, contractors and teams, we have had the pleasure of bringing dark and dated houses back to their original glory. As you may have guessed, it almost always takes more work to restore the inside than the outside. It takes time, a team with a shared vision, a LOT of work, clear communication and a strong belief in a comeback story…and, we are believers.

Valley of Grace

Recover. Regenerate. Restore. These are powerful words and what comeback stories are made of, and they are what the Valley of Grace is all about.

It’s no wonder that this cause spoke so deeply to Brandi’s heart and to us as a team, and this is why we wanted our November non-profit highlight to be about the Valley of Grace. We believe that no one is beyond restoration. You just need the right people and a caring community in place. Because anytime we are down and in the valley, we all need grace.

So a Realtor, two lawyers and a family man walk into the Home of Grace…and they return to their families, jobs and communities RESTORED. These are people and families right here from our community, because addiction does not discriminate. The Valley of Grace has helped in restoring over 75 people so far on scholarships to the Home of Grace, which is what the Valley of Grace will be modeled after. Therefore, the Valley of Grace is currently in the process of locating and acquiring 20+ acres of land in or around Howard County to build its own recovery campus.

The plan in place for restoration at the Valley of Grace consists of, but is not limited to:

-90 Day Residence

-Licensed Counselors

-Individual Counseling

-Group Counseling

-Adult Education

-Classroom Instruction

-Marital / Family Support

-Staff available 24/7


What else is needed?



Recovery also requires a community, because restoration doesn’t happen on its own. Our city, our towns, our neighborhoods, our people…are struggling right here. Valley of Grace treats a variety of addictions. It is reported that it costs Howard County OVER $10 million a year to combat just local opioid addiction. This affects everyone, but this isn’t just about the financial savings. This is about: The saving of resources. The saving of neighborhoods. The saving of families. The saving of LIVES. People need restoration, and the Valley of Grace offers that. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, please seek help now. Contact the Valley of Grace.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. We want to be part of the change. We need you to be part of it too. Together, let’s be the community that restores. Let’s become the people, places and things where our families, friends and neighbors can thrive.

Is there a non-profit that is close to your heart? Contact us!

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