10 Things to Do in Fall to Avoid Winter #fails

10 Things to Do in Fall to Avoid Winter #fails

Pumpkin spice everything is everywhere, and the leaves are turning their beautiful hues. The low tonight is 30 degrees. THIRTY. That cringe worthy ‘f’ word is on the tip of the weather forecaster’s tongue…”FREEZE”. We know, few people like to say that word. But winter is coming, and not just to House Stark, but to your house as well.

It’s time to toss on your favorite hoodie, and tackle this fall checklist NOW to avoid potentially pricey winter fails.

Your Essential Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Home Exterior

  1. Inspect roof for missing, loose or damaged shingles.
  2. Clear gutters and downspouts of debris and leaves.
  3. Trim tree branches so they are at least two feet away from roof and gutters
  4. Drain and detach hoses from outdoor plumbing
  5. Check weather stripping around doors and windows

Home Interior

  1. Change furnace filter
  2. Replace batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  3. Check pipes and faucets for leaks
  4. Inspect fireplace and chimney
  5. Protect your pipes by wrapping exposed plumbing

Prepping In Fall Prevents Spring Surprises

The above list is a good starting place to prepare now. This simple checklist can help you avoid winter fails like roof leaks or pipes bursting come spring.

Whether you are buying, selling or staying in your home, as Kokomo’s Home Team we are here for your house needs.



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